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Working 9 to 5

When I think of “Working 9 to 5” I think of Dolly Parton. She looks pretty good for 73 y.o. She has released 64 studio albums, has a stack of awards, appeared in a number of films – and perhaps most impressive, is that she has been married to the same husband for 54 years. …

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Just a bit potty?!

I can be accused of being a bit potty because I enjoy playing with clay. I love the creative act of taking a lump of clay and then producing something that is both functional and beautiful. That’s not to say that everything I produce is beautiful – there are a few ugly pieces, even if …

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More stuff anyone?

Christmas has just finished. It was lovely to spend time with family and friends. But let me ask you, do you need more stuff? Do family and friends still buy Christmas presents for you? We have been trying to stop our family buying us Christmas presents for a number of years – without success. It …

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