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Adventures in “Tank”


We got a Toyota Coaster and asked our grandson, Marley (did I mention that he is 3 years old?), to name it – dangerous, I know. He called it Tank! How cool is that? And very appropriate too. It is built like a tank. It is for our travels with our son, daughter-in-law and grandies.

We went our first adventure last weekend, to Busselton. Our son and his family were going down there and asked us if we’d like to come – would we ever! So with a little bit of trepidation we packed up what we thought we needed and headed off in our mobile home (a bit like a tiny house). We are newbies at this.

It bucketed down with rain on the way down and it was a good test of both driving in the driving rain and seeing if Tank leaked. Fortunately, passed both those tests. I did realise on the way there that we should have packed an extension lead for connection to power. Rookie mistake.

We arrived safely. Connecting up Tank to water, I discovered the second rookie mistake. We did not have the keys to open up to our water tanks in Tank! Doh! Oh well. We could at least borrow an extension lead from the place we were staying at.

Well, it is an adventure. Mistakes will be made along the way. The weather was not kind to us. We had lots of rain but also some fine spells. But we did have a great time with our son, lovely daughter-in-law and our gorgeous grandies. So good.

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The Doona Thief

This is my side of the bed…

My Side

This is the other side of the bed…

The Other Side

There was a time when my beloved would consistently push (yes, push) the doona all over to my side. I don’t know how she did it. It would have taken considerable skill. Now, she has taken to pulling it over to her side – most nights. I don’t mind. On 6th July 2020 it is 24 years that we have been sharing the same bed – and wrestling the doona. And what a joy and privilege it has been. Happy Anniversary Darling. I love spending each and every day with you. Thank you Lord for blessing our marriage.

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