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Lessons Learned

Our Epic Trip is over. Did we learn anything? Has anything changed?

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Not with a Bang but a Whimper…

The last leg of our Trip, from Kalgoorlie to home. But not without some drama.

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Groundhog Day

After having to go backwards 800 km to Adelaide, we are on the road again.

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Never Thought I’d Hear That!

Tank is fixed! We have a lovely weekend with Liisa and Dave then back on the road again.

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God is Amazing!

God’s amazing intervention. Tank’s fixed!

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One Day at a Time

We have to take it one day at a time. Waiting for our bus to be fixed. Trying to make the most of it.

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No Home, No Transport…

Tank had broken down and we’re stuck in Adelaide. Struggling and wondering is there an end in sight?

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Limp Mode?

Tank, our Coaster bus, was running splendidly. Now it’s limping along. Will we get it fixed in Ceduna or do we have to go backwards?

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A Tale of Two Halves

We are on our way home. Half way across Australia, at Kimba, SA.

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Broken Hill

Visiting Broken Hill for the first time. The Pro Hart gallery and the big miner, BHP.

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That’s a Sign

Inspirational signs along the way and some not so much

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Goodbye Queensland

Leaving Queensland and the rain and flooding. Heading to Broken Hill.

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Homeward Bound – Part 2

Going to Scarness, then Fraser Island. Back to the Gold Coast towards home.

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Homeward Bound!

Last part of our journey north in Queensland, to the Sunshine Coast and Scarness Beach, then back to the Gold Coast.

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Two Weeks

Two weeks before we turn around and head for home. Leaving the family. Seeing a little more of Queensland.

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Beautiful one day…

Queensland, sunshine state, the Gold Coast, grandies, car chase and surgery

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Upper Middle Hippie

Byron Bay, upper class hippies, solar train, grandchildren and fishing

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Adventure in Dorrigo

A day’s adventure to Dorrigo

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The inside story on what it’s been like travelling for the last 4 1/2 months

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Rain Stopped Play

About two weeks ago (it seems like longer) it started raining. It clears for a day or two then rains more. We’ve had a fair bit of the wet stuff. We’ve tried putting our raincoats and boots on and venturing out. We end up with wet clothes and boots and nowhere to dry our stuff. And there’s only so much you can do of that. I’m not complaining though. The poms have a saying, “(life) can’t be all beer and skittles”. I can understand their love of beer, but skittles? Really?

Umina Beach not in the rain

The two eldest grandies got colds. Then we got colds. Yesterday (Sunday, 22 May, we needed to pack up and move to another caravan park in the rain. We have to uncover the bike (chained to Tank’s bull bar) wrapped in a tarp and bring the bike inside Tank. Then disconnect the water, drain the hose and store away. Then disconnect the grey water (sink connection) hose, drain the waste water and store the hose away. Then disconnect the power supply, wind up electrical cord and put it away. Lastly, anything else left outside, like my bucket of fishing tackle and our external door mat. Yes, had to do all that in the rain. Not much fun. But that’s life, isn’t it? Not always fun. Not all beer and skittles.

NSW roads

I bagged the Victorian roads as the surfaces were consistently rough. NSW roads though are inundated with pot holes – some really large ones. When you miss seeing one and hit it at speed (I’m talking 30-40 km an hour), it feels like it does some damage to Tank. In Zimbabwe they called these large pot holes tank traps! There are plenty of tank traps here.

My boot in a Tank Trap – for scale

When roads get “fixed”, they look like this.

“Fixed” Road

I promise that I will not complain about the seemingly endless road works we have in Western Australia. At least for the next few months. 😉

Refuge Island

There are lots of these signs in NSW.

Refuge Island

Wouldn’t it be amazing if Australia were truly an island where people could take refuge?


Here in NSW they think that footy is rugby. I don’t understand it myself. But they seem very passionate about it.

A Rabbitoh’s House

Our outgoing PM is a keen supporter of the Cronulla Sharks. Our incoming PM has been a long time supporter of the South Sydney Rabbitohs. I won’t comment further…

From Umina we went to Patonga Bay for a couple of days. Good fishing there!

Flathead – was delicious!
Patonga Bay

Then back to Umina again, as the family were there. Then on to Toowoon Bay. Where we are now.

Toowoon Bay

Funny how there is no rain in the photos. Rain didn’t really stop play. Just changed it a bit.

Until next time…


Is Jesus Real or a Story?

Asking the most important questions in life

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Come on Nyah, you can do this!

Grandkids and touring NSW and Mr. Compassion

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New South Wales

our venture into New South Wales

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Happy Mother’s Day

Mothers Day by Brian Harris

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Bye Vic! Hello Again!

Leaving Victoria into NSW, then back and forth

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Beauty, Signs and Identity

Autumn in Victoria. Signs and identity.

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Signs of Confusion and Street Art

Confusing signs on Vic roads plus beautiful Street Art

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Lest We Forget

ANZAC Day, remembering the sacrifice of those who have gone before us – and God.

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The Nullarbor

Travelling across the Nullarbor and nearly home!

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