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Our Christmas letter…

Lots has happened this year but hard to put into a few sentences…

J’s Dad passed away in June. He was really great up until last Nov/Dec then started to go down hill rapidly. He had a fall in May and then his decline was even more severe. J did wonderfully caring for him – as in the end he was unable to do anything for himself. It did take its toll on J though. He was at home with us when he died, which is what he wanted.

J has not been well for a couple of months. Some kind of auto immune thing, probably brought on by stress (in my opinion from my not at all medical background!). She has been good for the last 3 weeks though.

We went to Darwin and the Northern Territory in August for a week. Was fantastic but a lot to see in a very short time.
Link to some photos:

J is very involved with the church (we both are – but she particularly). We are “zone pastors” and J does a lot of reaching out to people. 2 funerals in the last two weeks.

We are also running a course for facilitators called “Search for Life”. This is to train the trainers. Really great but full on. Over last Friday to Monday we did three 2 1/2 to 3 hour sessions of training. Another 4 to go.

Went to see my parents on Thursday and stayed overnight. They are not doing too good and need a lot of support. They live with my sister and her husband but it is not easy.

So to summarise, lots going on!! But God is good.


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