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20th Anniversary Celebration

We celebrated our 20th Wedding Anniversary yesterday (it actually is on Wednesday, 6th July). We had a re-commitment/re-dedication service and a High Tea. It was a wonderful time! We really enjoyed it and many many others said how much they enjoyed it. Jeannie & I did most of the catering and the set up of the function room – ably helped by Abbi.

Ps. Nick did a wonderful job (wouldn’t expect anything less). Jeannie & I had new “vows” which we did not share with each other – or collaborate on. So it was a bit surprising that both our opening lines were the same. Plus another section was identical. There was a lot of similarity. I did manage to surprise Jeannie with an eternity ring though.

It was very special to have our sons there with their other halves. Also for my bro & sis to share the time with us – and of course a whole bunch of friends.

Requested recipes will be uploaded to our website:


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