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Nakemiin Finland, Buongiorno Italy! 

Just a brief 5 days in Finland to see Rob, Tarja, Lydia (nearly 6), Melissa (just 4), Nickolas (2 1/2) and Oliver (11 months), also known as ‘Bob’! Such a lovely family and it was a pleasure to spend time with them. The children are a delight – yes, having 4 kids under 6 years old is full on – but R&T do a great job as parents. 

We played with Duplo, played board games, went to the park, took the girls swimming,  took lots of photos – many making funny faces, goofed off in videos,  ate, played and ate some more. Generally hung out. Lydia told us a number of times that she was going to miss us. We’ll miss her too and the rest of the family. Until again…

Now on board Norwegian airline flight to Roma – then we drive to Tuscany!


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  1. Gen

    Happy & safe travels guys, xx


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