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Fire and Flood – 1 week in

Tuesday, 1st Feb we set off. It was a 3:20 am start (excitement, knowing how much there was to do?) and work through until 1:30 pm when we were packed and ready to go. Our neighbours came and waved us off – which was really nice.

6 hot hours later we were in Denmark at the Oceans Beach caravan park. The photo above is of our neighbours. They were plentiful in the park. Ry, Haids and the kids were already in the Park.

Ry, Haids and family

Adam and his partner, Kirsten were already in Denmark too (just for 5 nights). We got to have a family meal to celebrate (early) Adam’s 40th birthday – which was great.

Choc Cherry Tart for Birthday Cake

We checked out Greens Pool (which has to be one of the best beaches in WA – if not Australia). Stunning!

Greens Pool

We had lots of grandie time and then coffee catch up with Ad & K before we both left Denmark. R & H left Denmark the day before us. Marley asked if we were going the same day, I said the day after. He said “Oh! I’ll miss you”. So cute.

We heard lots of police cars and fire engines that were heading to a fire just west of Denmark. Then it was a short drive to Albany for a couple of nights for us – it was stinking hot! Hottest day of the summer at 42c. We did manage to get some fishing in where both Marley and Nyah caught their first ever fish. Marley (especially) was so excited (although there is trepidation in his face from being near the herring).

Is that one magnificent tree on the banks of the river in Denmark, two trees or two trees that have become one? I’m sure that there is a message in that.

Around 2 1/2 hour drive to Bremer Bay – again stinking hot. We are surfing the hot weather! It was 38c in our Tank as we drove here – the air con does not work well. All of a sudden, as we got to Bremer, there was a cool change and it went from 43c (their hottest day, again) to around 25c – whew!

And flood? A large area in the north of South Australia is flooded. We are heading to SA, but will avoid the flood hit areas. The floods have stopped some of the food supplies from coming across the Nullarbor into Western Australia.

Next time, the good, the bad and the ugly of life on the road. Early days, but Tank is holding up well so far.


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  1. carmal18

    Congratulations. The start of a great adventure. Looking forward to following your journal. Love Caroline and Malcolm

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