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Is Jesus Real or a Story?

We’re at Ocean Beach, Umina, south of The Entrance, NSW. Really good caravan park with lots of facilities and plenty to do for the kids.

Rainbow over the caravan park
We took the kids for an outing to Woy Woy on the bus – before and after. Not really

Ry and Haids are next door in Bongo. Marley and Nyah came over to Tank this morning (Friday, 20th May). M was questioning how many seats used to be in Tank (22) and a little about how it got changed to a home. He got my phone and asked Mrs. Google “what cars make homes?” After a couple of failed attempts (and M both raising his voice at Mrs. Google and changing his pronunciation) she got it right. Then all of a sudden, he asked her “Is Jesus real or a story?”!

I’m not sure what Mrs Google’s response was because M moved on quickly back to cars and houses. But, Wow! At 4 years old he is asking the most important question for his life (or anyone else’s)!


Later that day I told M that it was a good question to ask and the most important question for his life. He asked “Why”? I said it was because we will be dead a long time and if you believed Jesus was real you would be in heaven with Him. If you believed it was a story you would not.

Also told him the second most important question for him was who he was going to marry. He slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand and said, “Too many options”. He then reeled off, “Kylah, Violet, Lila…” and a few more! “Too many options!” We assured him that he had plenty of time to decide and he didn’t have to do it now.

This many options!

Oh, the joys of being a Grandparent!

Until next time…


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