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Goodbye Queensland

We Left Queensland to Outrun the Rain

At Coonabarabran

After goodbyes on the Gold Coast, we headed to Warwick. Overnight stop then Inglewood, 109 km away, for a coffee. No such luck! Drove on another nearly 100 km to Goondiwindi, border town. And good coffee. Yes! Goodbye Queensland. There was some serious flooding on the east coast but we avoided it.

Hello NSW Again

We struggled to find a good route to Cobar (and decent roads – many were “chopped up”). Settled on Coonabarabran as our first stop. We drove, 350 km in the rain. 3660 km to go to get home. We also celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary (6th July) by stopping at The Crossing Theatre in Narrabri, en route, for lunch and a coffee. 😍

After Coonabarabran it was onto Nyngan, in the shire of Bogan. I kid you not.

Then we free camped at the RSL Club in Cobar (really free) and had a meal there. I had Goat Curry. Yum!

Mural painted on the public loos, a short walk away

Onto Wilcannia, where the Darling River was starting to take over the caravan park.

Where does the river end?

Fortunately, the river didn’t get to us. Wilcannia is an odd little town. A fuel station with tiny shop, police station, court house and post office. And a pub, of course. We couldn’t find a supermarket. And no coffee!

Then onto Broken Hill, via Little Topar (in the Outback). A little pub, servo, Cafe and restaurant all rolled into one.

Little Topar

Stayed at Broken Hill for two nights. An interesting place. More about that next time.

Only in Queensland

These were new to me.

A Fully Loaded Pie

Choose your pie. Then for $2 extra you can get mashed potatoes, mushy peas and gravy on top! It tasted a lot better than it looks.

Drive, Park, Repeat

You know the e-scooters that you hire, ride and then leave somewhere? The same with bikes or e-bikes. Well, how about with a car??

Shop sells Microwave Meals Only!

Until next time…



  1. kristelwenziker

    Congratulations on celebrating your 26th Wedding anniversary! Safe travels and see you soon! 🙂

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