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Never Thought I’d Hear That!

“It’ll be so good to get back on the road again”, said Jeannie. I never thought that I would ever hear her say that! Then she clarified, “to be going home”. 😊 Jeannie’s tired of being like a homeless person, wandering the streets with our bags. No home, no transport. But now we have Tank back working again. Yeah!

Tank’s View for the Weekend

Liisa & Dave’s

Liisa and Dave, our friends in Adelaide, offered to put us up. What a delight it was too! They made us delicious meals and took us to lovely places. On Sunday we went to their church (Coastlands) and they introduced to their friends. We were made to feel very welcome. Liisa and Dave were so kind and hospitable.

From L&D’s Front Yard

Hallett Cove

Evening Walk
The Boardwalk with Liisa & Dave

Hallett Cove Beach

A short distance from L&D.

500m from the beach is the incredible Sugarloaf

McLaren Vale

We drove Tank to McLaren Vale. No, not for the wine. Just to ensure that Tank was good to go – to start the long journey back home.

McLaren Vale

We did stop for a coffee though. The person who served us would not take any money! That was kind.


On the Road Again

Back on the road. Around 2,700 km to go. Melrose is the first stop. Third time here. But Over the Edge Cafe & Bike shop do make a great coffee!

Yummy cakes too!

Until next time…


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