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The Nullarbor

There are differing opinions as to what constitutes the Nullarbor. One view is that it is from Norseman, WA to Ceduna SA, 1,200 km. Another view is that it is actually the Eyre Highway, which is from Norseman to Port Augusta, SA, 1665 km. I can see both views as much of the journey from Port Augusta to Ceduna is much like the rest of the Nullarbor.

Nullarbor (null-arbor) is from the Latin meaning no trees. Which is not entirely true. Just that there are not many trees. When the white colonials declared Australia to be terra-nullius, uninhabited land, it also was clearly not true. It was a convenient label though to allow them to walk in and claim ownership. We are still trying to right that wrong over 200 years later.

Off my soapbox now. The Nullarbor Plain is mostly treeless.

Head of Bight

I hadn’t heard of the Head of Bight (HoB) before. Our neighbour put us onto it. We were going passed the HoB at exactly the right time (June to October). And what a treat it was! There were heaps of Southern Right Whales with their calves!

Head of Bight


Very nice caravan park and great coffee at the Cafe!

Three Time Zones – 24 Hours

We were in S.A. time zone in Nundroo. When we got to Eucla we gained 45 minutes. We then went onto Caiguna where we gained another 45 minutes. Back to standard W.A. time.


Saturday night and dinner at the hotel.

Nowhere to Go


Arrived in Norseman on Sunday, 14th – most everything was closed. But it was a beautiful sunny day.

We left on Monday, everything was going sweetly. Two nights planned in Kalgoorlie to catch up with friends and we’d be home Wednesday. Yeah!

But little did we know that we were heading for a breakdown.

Until next time…



  1. kristelwenziker

    So lucky to see the southern right whales! Lovely pics xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. carol Wright

    Hope you have arrived safe home. Take care. Prayers.

    Liked by 1 person

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