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Subtitle: Postscript to the Trip

This is the last of the blog posts for our Epic Trip. I’ll still continue to post my “musings” here – just not so regularly.

What did we learn from our Trip? How did it change us??

Caiguna – Centre of the World

Practical Stuff

We were novice campers and have learned lots of practical things, for example:

  • How to cook a meal on a small two burner stove
  • How to fill up water tanks (not as easy as you would think)
  • How to work a Porta Loo
  • Managing solar power when off grid
  • How to manage with a small fridge and freezer
  • And how to live in a small space
Nearly back to WA

Bigger Items

We learned that it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey that’s important. This is especially true when you’re journeying with family. And meeting up with friends. Time spent together is precious.

Nundroo and Rainbow

We had to learn to slow down the pace of our lives. Sometimes, all we had to do was work out what we were going to eat. And where the best coffee was!

Mmm Coffee!

Jeannie and I learned to be closer and more attentive to each other. Jeannie puts it down to the confined space we travelled in! I think it’s deeper than that.

We are more easy going. We are also more able to ask for help. In addition, we have a greater sense of peace. All of this is because we have a greater trust in the Lord.

Painting at Queen Bees, Kalgoorlie

We’ve realised that we’re capable of doing long walks together and it’s great for our health and fitness.

We’re trying to carry these lessons into the real world, whatever that is. Twelve days back and it’s going well! 😉

Balladonia Museum – at the Servo

We also occasionally write our favourite recipes to:

Thank you for being on the journey with us. ❤💙

Until next time…



  1. Liisa Grace-Baun

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us 💕 it’s been a delight reading all of your posts. Your writing is Captivating which made me feel as though I was on the trip with you both. I love how it brought you both closer together. Meanwhile I’ve always thought you two are the model couple for all couples to be inspired by! I love your faith, your outlook on life, the peace that oozes from you both and most of all I love your dependence, trust and hope in God. I keep thinking about you both now that you’re back, imagining you relishing in your own bed, cooking in your kitchen, making pottery and nurturing the garden 🪴🥘🏺

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s beautiful, Liisa, thank you! ❤️ You are right, we are back into gardening, cooking up a storm and making pots! Love to you both. xxx


  2. Oh, and loving our bed, own toilet (that I don’t have to empty!) and shower! And catching up with people. ❤️ xxx


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