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Love revelation… updated

Many people know thatĀ loveĀ for the Greeks had at least 4 meanings. These are: Eros – romantic or sexual love. But the Greeks didn’t always think of it as being positive, as we do today, as it was viewed as fiery and involved a loss of control. Yet we hope to “fall madly in love”. Philia …

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How on earth can it be a Good Friday?

It seems that the world is imploding. Famine in East Africa, war in Syria and Afghanistan, millions of refugees in crisis, violence in our cities, natural disasters a normal occurrence and I could go on. What on earth makes this a Good Friday? Only that God did not want heaven without you. So He brought …

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A Silk Purse out of Sow’s ear?

Sayings that have been handed down to us need to be remembered.

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