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We’ve travelled back in time 

I’m not sure what year it has been but it has been a delightful 2 weeks! We’ve ended up in a medieval town (Suvereto in Tuscany) in the middle of a Medieval Cultural Festival and none of that was planned. 

One of the scary knights

We’ve been treated to events on most evenings including: Wine barrel rolling; jousting; flag throwing;  wine, olive oil and bread tasting; dinner with wild boar (well, for one of us at least) and a David Bowie tribute night (ok, maybe it wasn’t all medieval and cultural 😉

Wonder if they have wine in?
It’s been a simple life. Waking without an alarm clock. Breakfasted and ready in our own time, then walking into town for a coffee and getting the daily provisions. A siesta in the afternoons – a simple life and a good one. 

And all’s right with the world… But it isn’t is it? 

Our local coffee stop – Nessun Dove

People are still getting sick, people are still dying, people are being detained unjustly and children are still dying or being impoverished when we can do something about it. It’s vital not to forget but great to have some time out.



  1. Gen

    Sounds wonderful, you guys deserve the time out to rest & smell the roses but will be glad to see your faces home 😄, xx


  2. Thanks Gen. Will be glad to see you too xxx


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