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CD from Dami’s Yesterday Once More Tour

We went to the Dami concert last Saturday. It was a great concert, one of the best – and we have been to many “big name” performers. Dami has an incredible voice, sang for 2 hours and told some of her story. Gifted and humble are not words usually used to describe someone famous but that describes Dami. What made it extra special was that she stayed behind to have her photo taken with anyone who wanted it, plus signed all the merchandise brought to her. It was well past midnight before she was finished.

As we come up to another Christmas I wonder if it is “yesterday once more” for many of us? “Same old, same old” – or “same meat, different gravy” as we used to say when I was a kid. What legacy are we leaving for our children, maybe grandchildren, our family, friends, neighbours and planet? And I’m not talking about assets. Those are heavy questions for a Christmas message but do need an answer!

A lot has happened this year. Highlights for us are:

  • Celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary (how did that happen?!). We had a beautiful Re-dedication service
  • Our trip to Europe to see family and friends, then to Italy for time together – like a second honeymoon
  • Our good health
  • Some home renovations
  • Being able to work at Compassion to see children released from poverty in Jesus’ name
  • Leading a trip to Kupang, West Timor (Indonesia) with Compassion – and see God at work

Lowlights? Too strong a word, maybe just an inconvenience, and then only one thing – being burgled just before our 20th anniversary celebration and 2 weeks before we were due to go overseas. But all good in the end.

We hope that as you look back over the years gone by and the good times that you had (to pinch the words from the Carpenters song) that it does not make today seem rather sad. And if that is the case then 2017 will be different for you.


Geff & Jeannie



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