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I’m a Coffee Snob

There, I’ve said it. That is the only thing I’m snobbish about, though. Isn’t it funny about how we can be really fussy about something and not really mind about so many others?

I will eat just about anything (just ask my wife, Jeannie) and drink most things, but when you have just one coffee a day (occasionally two), it has to be good.

I’m on a secret mission (I’m sure the secret is safe with you). I am telling as many baristas, east of WA, what a long mac topped up is. After they get over their bemusement of this WA made up drink, they may take an interest. I went to a great coffee shop (Bean Addiction) in Nuriootpa for the second time in 3 days and the barista said, “Do you want the long macs topped up”?! Yes, it’s working. Slow process though. I’ll have to drink more coffee. šŸ™ƒ I’m sure that I don’t have to tell you, learned reader, that a long mac topped up is a double shot of espresso,Ā  in a small latte glass, topped up with textured and stretched milk, with around 1cm of froth on top. šŸ˜

Caught in the Riverland!

We know really well that there are strict quarantine requirements for food going interstate. But we were happily driving in SA into a region called Riverland (conjures up Lord of the Rings) when we got caught by this sign.

Fruit Fly Not Allowed!

Well, actually, there was a large yellow sign just before this telling us that there was a quarantine station ahead. But no warning before that! All within the state. That was new to us. Fortunately, we were travelling with little fruit and veg at the time – unusual for us. We set about eating as much as possible at the checkpoint. There was a delicious mango that we didn’t want to waste, so we ate it. A yummy avocado (half) had to be thrown out. You can see the rest in the photo below. But we really didn’t like wasting good food! And the list of fruit and veg you can’t bring in, just in case you’re going there.

Waste Not, Want Not

Did you have it drummed into you that wasting food is a terrible thing? I did. Mostly, I agree with that saying. But when you don’t have control of what goes on your plate, that’s a different thing. And to over eat because you have too much on your plate can’t be a good thing.

Sunrise behind Tank – Hahndorf

Exotic Food

I was trying to think of some exotic food that we’ve had in South Australia.Ā  IĀ  had a delicious kransky (German), served by a lovely Italian lady who used to be an engineer – in Hahndorf.

Then we had this yummy icecream! One scoop, quandong flavour and the other scoop wild lime. Delicious!



  1. Helen

    Hi Geoff and Jeanie
    We are enjoying your blogs. You are in my home land! I was born in Angaston. Can highly recommend the pizza at 40’s Cafe! Enjoy your travels.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. servaasterblanche

    Keep telling us about your trip please

    Liked by 1 person

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