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Vic, I’m Confused

Yesterday, we left S. Australia (2 April) – it was lovely while it lasted. Mount Gambier was our last SA stop. It has a volcanic crater, which is now a Blue Lake and a sink hole in the town – interesting.

Blue Lake – Mount Gambier
Sink Hole Cave – see people for scale

As soon as we entered Victoria, on the Portland-Nelson Road, the road got noticeably worse – bad even. I thought that this was a cunning ploy to deter interstate people from coming to Vic. (By the way, is it ok to say Vic? Victoria is so 19th century and Vicki seems a little flippant). The road did get better for a short while (Aah ha, I thought!), but then the road got worse again. Tank is particularly susceptible to poor roads. We’ve been on dirt roads better than these ones. Just saying, Vic.

Also, there are strict rules for fresh produce, including honey, plants etc., for what you can bring into Vic. So we dutifully consumed what we could, gave away a plant and threw away a little bit of honey that was left. But there was no checkpoint. No signs on the border about quarantine restrictions either. Mmmm…

As we drove through Port Fairy, Vic, there was a sign that said “World’s most liveable Community”. I thought, “That’s a big call, have you checked your roads lately?”! Similarly, as we drove into Warrnambool, there was a sign saying “World’s most liveable City”. Nothing like self promotion, is there?

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village – Warnambool

The Family

On a completely different tack, we met up with the family in Adelaide. It had been just over 2 weeks since we had seen them. Over these 3 weeks we should be with them most of the time.

Marley and Nyah came for a sleepover in Tank, whilst we were next to Bongo, in Robe. They were really good. ❤️

And I got to have a cuddle with Denver, yesterday.

5 months old – what a cutie! 💙

Until next time…


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