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The Great Ocean Road

Is 243km long between the Victorian cities of Allansford and Torquay. We drove around 180km of it today (4 April). And it was beautiful.

Prior to this, we had a couple of nights in Warnambool, then set off for Allansford – technically the start (or end). You can’t see the ocean from Allansford, so don’t worry about that. We went to the Bay of Islands – beautiful, and not many people there.

Bay of Islands

We skipped The Grotto (it was raining) – but should have gone there though. Then onto London Bridge – it has fallen down, but that was in 1990. Do you know that people actually used to walk across?!

London Bridge

We skipped The Arch – at that time we were making a bee line for Port Campbell and coffee. 😊 Cute town, good coffee.

Port Campbell

Now refreshed, we headed to Loch Ard Gorge, which was also beautiful.

Loch Ard Gorge

Finally, to probably the most iconic spot, the Twelve Apostles. But in truth, some of them have disappeared into the ocean. I believe that there are just seven left. There were lots of tourists here. Hang on a minute, we are tourists as well!

Seven out of Twelve Apostles ain’t bad

Then the road started heading inland and we went on a narrow winding road, up the Otway Ranges – sorry, the Great Otway Ranges (I was forgetting that this is Vic). Beautiful forest, magnificent scenery and up and down. Slow going. Finally for the day, we arrived at Apollo Bay, where we stayed in a farmer’s field – which had strong evidence of cows being there recently.

“Tomorrow” 😉 we drove from Apollo Bay to Lorne. It was only 45km but took us well over an hour. The road was narrow and winding, on the edge of a cliff and up and down. Beautiful though.

Until next time…


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