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30 March 22. I love to see a pithy sign. Something that encapsulates a big thought in a few words. Or something that just makes me think. Or laugh (with my unusual sense of humour). There is a word for it, aphorism.

I saw this in a shop window in Hahndorf.

How true is this?

The only slightly worrying part about this is that I don’t have to consciously try to make mistakes; they happen all too easily!

In our caravan park in Adelaide, the laundry had two top loading washing machines set aside “For Pets Only”. Surely the RSPCA would not allow this?

Koala at Gorge Wildlife Park

Today, we drove through the District Council of Kingston. The big sign told us so. Usually, when you see signs like that they advertise the attractions they have. On this sign, someone had written neatly in block print “NO BOAT RAMP”. Now, I don’t know if they were stating that Kingston didn’t have a boat ramp or that they didn’t want Kingston to have a boat ramp? Or maybe some kind of political statement. I did tell you that I had an unusual sense of humour.

We got takeaway coffee in Murray Bridge (en route to Robe) with this written on:

Beautiful Coffee Messages

Who gets coffee with such beautiful things on??

Also saw this in Hahndorf:

Too Cool for a Tea Towel

This needs no explanation if you have a small girl in the household.

Back in WA, we were in Jerramungup. There was a supermarket that had a big sign with two columns advertising its wares. The usual stuff like bread, fruit, vegetables, cleaning products, toys, and ammunition. Yes, ammunition. Ammunition was in the same row as toys on the sign. I wish I had gotten a photo of it so that you would believe me.

As we’re in this period of Lent, when some people fast, we were in Nuriootpa and saw this sign at a Lutheran church:

Fast from Grumbling, Feast on Gratitude

I think that’s something we can all agree with.

Until the next time…



  1. cookie Wright

    I really enjoy reading your posts, Geoff and Jeannie. Great observations of people, places and happenings. stay safe. God bless.

    Liked by 1 person

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