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Signs of Confusion and Street Art

There are lots and lots of road signs in Vic.

Police enforcing speed – not sure why
35 km/h bend, speed up to 60 kph then slam on brakes
Only preschoolers are allowed to cycle OR only cycling preschoolers are allowed to preschool. Either way it seems a bit harsh
If there’s frost, ice or snow on the road I will drive slowly
You are in Australia!

We saw lots of these signs. Yes, on both sides of the road. Even 50m apart on the same side, in the middle of Vic! Just a thought, if you’re in the middle of Vic, you should know that a) You’re in Australia, and b) You drive on the left. If people need reminding every 50m or so, then perhaps they shouldn’t be driving.

Vic, you can save megabucks! Only put a couple of those signs above up at international entry points to the state. And the numerous Rough Road signs, just put one up at entry points to the state (yes, interstate as well). Change the sign to read Rough Roads in Vic. Then  on the very rare occasion that there is a smooth road, you can put a sign up saying Good Road. There wouldn’t be many of those and you would save hundreds of thousands maybe millions of dollars! I was going to say that we would have taken a photo of the Rough Road sign but the roads were always too rough. 😉 But found one when we were walking today (25 Apr in Wangaratta).

Why have one sign when you can have three?

Then maybe with the money you save on reducing your signs you could fix the roads? Just a thought.

Street Art

There are some wonderfully talented people here who do some beautiful Street Art.

Until next time…



  1. Bron and Andre

    Wow! The street art is amazing! I’m a great fan of Dunedin (NZ) street art and pleased to say Melbourne comes up to that standard! 🤩 I’m with you on the road signs too! Crazy! 🥴

    Liked by 1 person

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