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Beauty, Signs and Identity

We are very blessed to be travelling through Vic in the Autumn (Fall, to our American friends). The trees changing colour are stunning! Sadly, we get very little of that in Western Australia.

After Melbourne we went through the Dandenongs. Beautiful, but Tank has to go in first gear a couple of times! 😳

After that was the Yarra Valley. Also beautiful.

Then we Free camped (donation) at Toolangi Reserve.

Then, onto Marysville. Wow! The Autumn colours were beautiful. So wonderful that we were here at this time. We didn’t plan that.

We also did a 10km hike to Steavenson Falls.

Then to Alexandra and onto Mansfield. Beautiful caravan park near Mount Buller. Didn’t dare to take Tank up Mount Buller.

Mansfield Holiday Park

Then to Wangaratta and now in Bright (26 Apr) – well Wandilgong, 6km out. The autumn colour of the trees is amazing.


Short, pithy signs capture the essence of a place. These are statements made on Vic number plates.

Very Rare now… perhaps post Covid?
A real oldie

Add this to the Great Ocean Road, the Great Alpine Road (see below), the Great Victorian Rail Trail and so on. Also towns and cities claiming “World’s most liveable Community” or “World’s most liveable City” (see Vic, I’m Confused), which leads me to Identity.

Great Alpine Road


Vic, are you struggling to find your identity? Have you forgotten that prior to 1851 you were a part of the Colony of NSW? Or do you remember it too well? An itinerant preacher around 2000 years ago said “If I glorify myself, my glory means nothing”. Worth bearing in mind.

Until next time…


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