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Bye Vic! Hello Again!

We left Vic on 30th April, as we travelled from Bright, via Beechworth (pretty little town) through Wadonga to Albury, NSW, then to Ettamogah Pub. Cute, quirky pub, where you can Free Camp and are encouraged to support the Pub.

Tank was next to Bongo again and it was nice to see the family again, even though it was only a couple of days earlier we had seen them. Of course we had grandie time.

We then headed to ‘C’ Golf Club, for a 3 day holiday within a holiday! Corowa is in NSW, but Mrs. Google decided that we should go to Corowa, via Victoria. Go figure. Perhaps she thought that Tank missed the rough roads.

Sunset over Golf Club

Through Travel Auctions, we bid and won a 3 night stay at the Golf Club. About 1/2 the normal price. Motel room, room to move, a toilet that I didn’t have to empty and Jeannie not having to climb over me in bed to go to the toilet in the middle of the night! Luxury! Well, basic luxury. 😉

We did have to share the room with the occasional mouse or two, and noisy golfers playing cards late at night. No, the golfers weren’t in our room, although it sounded like it.

One of the Uninvited Guests

Yesterday (3rd May), we went to Rutherglen, Vic. Rutherglen is a cute little town, which has a coffee shop/motorbike museum, called Caffeine Machine. You can also hire ebikes from there. So, we hired an ebike and almost rode back to NSW! But we drove back there at the end of the day.

Jeannie on ebike

Until next time…


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