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Adventure in Dorrigo

We’re staying at the Showgrounds in Bellingen (6th June). Nice place, a short walk over the river to the cute little town of Bellingen. The manager of the Showgrounds suggested that we go to the Rainforest Centre at Dorrigo and also to the Promised Land drive through the Angel Gabriel Capararo Reserve (sounded enchanting!).

So we set off this morning – at least we tried to! We’re bogged. Did I mention that 2 months ago the Showgrounds were under around 50cm of water? Yes, it were flooded and is still drying out.

But our neighbour, who not only is from Perth, but was also living in the suburb next to us in Perth, kindly helped us out. He had Max Tracks to go under our 5 tonne Tank and out it flew. Well, as much as a Tank can fly.

Tank bogged and flying out!

So blindly we set off to Dorrigo. What we didn’t realise is that Dorrigo is at the top of a mountain! 762m altitude. It’s a slow, winding road to get there. Tank struggles in 3rd gear most of the time, almost down to 2nd. Fortunately there were 3 sets of road works to the top! So we (and the other traffic behind us) couldn’t go too fast! Ha!

Rewarded with view from the Skywalk
Dangar Falls – other side of Dorrigo
Interesting art installation in Dorrigo
Looking out from Tank at our lunch stop
One of Bellingen’s claims to fame

We did get to the Promised Land – but it was only a “Loop Road”. And the Angel Gabriel Capararo Reserve was ok. I’m looking forward to the Promised Land on the other side of eternity.

Until next time…



  1. Liisa Grace-Baun

    I was almost hyperventilating as I read the part about Tank going up that hill! Jeepers I would have been sweating and holding my breath 😂
    How awesome that a fellow Perth person helped to un bog you 🤩
    God is so good 🙏
    Safe & happy travels to you xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • God is so good, all the time! God bless. xxx


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