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Upper Middle Hippie

Perhaps Upper Class Hippie is more appropriate for Byron Bay. There are lots of hippies here, with expensive hippy clothes. There are more than a few people begging in town too. Also there are the “beautiful people” – often in active wear. Natalie Bassingthwaighte was seen at a cafe. Need I say more?

Beautiful Byron – Main Beach

Byron is a lovely, laid back pace. Lovely beaches and town.

There’s a solar train here. An old diesel converted to work on solar. It has 4 x 400 amp hours batteries plus a diesel motor for back up. I presume it is allowed to be cloudy some days in Byron. 😉 We took the grandies for an outing on the train. Followed by a treat, both for us and them.

Frog on Bike

Caught this frog trying to ride off on my bike. Good thing the bike was chained up!


Ryan, Marley and me (in particular – Nyah, occasionally) have done a lot of fishing on this Trip. Ryan has caught quite a lot. I’ve caught very little, but enjoy fishing with the boys.

Fishing Byron Bay

The Journey

At Toowoon Bay we paid a premium for being at the sea front – which we couldn’t see, as it was hidden by trees and bushes. We were, however, kept awake at night by the waves crashing against the rocks below us! After Toowoon Bay we went to NRMA Stockton Beach. Lovely spot, next to the ocean and a short walk and ferry ride to Newcastle. Good fishing there too.

Then one night each at Bulahdelah Bowling club and Tuncurry Forster Sports clubs. Cheap and cheerful stops. Then NRMA Port Macquarie. We found a cheap deal that with NRMA membership, you can stay for 4 nights and only pay for 3. Port Macquarie was a nice spot – again, easy walk to town. The Koala Hospital is there too.

Then it was Bellingen Showgrounds, where we got bogged and drove up Mount Dorrigo. Next, Coffs Harbour – was ok. Then Blue Dolphin holiday park in Yamba. Great fishing spot! And then to the born again hippy town of Byron Bay.

Until next time…



  1. Bronwyn

    Love your commentaries Geff! I can just imagine those designer hippie outfits. 😎Nevertheless Byron Bay is stunning, as is a lot of that eastern coastline. Happy fishing adventures with the grandies.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Bron. Fraser Island tomorrow and then Thursday we start our trek home! xxx


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