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Beautiful one day…

Do you remember the advert? “Queensland, beautiful one day, perfect the next”. We arrived on the Gold Coast today (Thursday, 16th June). Staying at NRMA Treasure Island. Going back to the advert, I’d like to change it to “Queensland, Beautiful one day, car chase the next”. More of that later.

Welcome to Queensland

Fast forward, true to the advert though, we’ve had beautiful sunny days and cool nights these past 2 weeks we’ve been in Queensland. Just the tiniest amount of rain – less than a millimetre – in that time. Not bad for close to mid winter. Queensland, the Sunshine State, proclaims their number plates and it appears to be true.

We drove up from Byron Bay, NSW and stopped at Tweed Heads briefly (for a coffee –  what else?). That’s the last place in NSW for us. Then onto sunny Queensland. And the weather here is beautiful, so far anyway.

Gold Coast


What quarantine? No signs. No checkpoint, nothing. No mention of fruit and veg etc. that are prohibited across the border. Very different from SA and WA.

NRMA Treasure Island – Gold Coast

We’re here for 4 nights and just went for a walk to the coast. Only 2.5km away and caught a glimpse of the usual Gold Coast scene. Lots of high rise buildings close to the shore.

There’s Gold Here


With our 4 nights at Treasure Island, we spent quite a bit of time with our grandies. ❤️ They both bravely joined in a competition to knock down wooden blocks – Ny is not quite 3 years old yet. All she wanted was her big brother, Marley as her support. He obliged her. They were the youngest there.

Car chase

There are lots of “nifty” drivers here. Nifty was the term used by our friend, Cherry, sadly departed about 2 years ago. Cherry was an artist, graphic designer, potter and lovely lady. She faced death stoically. She knew where she was going to spend eternity. Nifty was her kind way of saying, petrol head, speed freak, hoon or something worse. 🍒

Coming back from our walk I saw a car zoom through a red traffic light (it was amazing s/he didn’t hit another car) and race off. About a minute later we saw a police car give chase, then another and another. We counted 9 police cars giving chase in total. Plus there was a helicopter hovering overhead. Don’t know what it was all about, nothing on the news feed.

On the other hand most drivers here are very courteous. Many metres before we get to a pedestrian crossing they stop and wait for us.

At the water front

Flu jab and surgery

We were really blessed to find a doctor who would see us and give us our flu jabs. Dr. Sophia asked us “Was there anything else?”. Jeannie had a funny skin “thingy” (technical medical term) that she was concerned about. The doc looked at it and suggested that it might be precancerous. She gave 2 options. Use a cream for 3 weeks & if the ‘thingy’ hadn’t gone have it surgically removed or just have it removed now. My brave lady said when could it be removed. Doctor Sophia said that they didn’t normally do procedures on a Saturday, but she could do it straight away. Jeannie didn’t falter and said ok.

Until next time…



  1. Bron and Andre

    Ouch! Brave indeed! Hope all test come through clear Jeanie. 🙏🏼Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. kristelwenziker

    Yes very brave Jeannie, glad you got the all clear xxx
    When are you coming back to Perth?

    Liked by 1 person

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