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Two Weeks

We left the family on the Gold Coast on Monday, 20th June, as we headed to Canungra (east). This was the start of our last two weeks before we turn around and head for home. Wow! Five months travel and then another month to get home. Wow, again! We catch up with the family again for three days on the Gold Coast before our trek back.


We stayed at the Showgrounds. Water, power and sullage for around $32 a night. We did have thoughts of going up to Tamborine Mountain, but there was a sign saying “Very Steep, Not Suitable for Caravans”, so we decided against. Tank thanked us.

Canungra itself is a lovely little town. We found an organic Cafe and wholefoods (O.W.L. – Organics With Love, cute, eh?) and went more than once. We got a custard apple for $1.50 and 2 avocados for 50c each. Bargain!

View from Canungra

You don’t expect to see a mock Tudor pub in country Queensland, do you? There it was in Canungra.

Homeward Bound

Thinking about going home, I couldn’t help playing Homeward Bound, by Simon & Garfunkel. You know how it goes:

Homeward bound
I wish I was
Homeward bound
Home where my thought’s escapin’
Home where my music’s playin’
Home where my love lies waitin’
Silently for me

Also I couldn’t help getting a little excited at the thought of going home, even though we’ll be sad to leave the family, as we planned our route home. And the Trip had been wonderful. Life changing, even.


I had a brief chat with Damien. He was living out of his car and swag. He said he was doing well (and appeared to be). Only a fairly young guy,  who was living in Brisbane for 2 years, prior. He had been at the Showgrounds 2-3 weeks. He went somewhere to work out and then studied at the library. I  would have liked to get to know him a bit better but we were moving on…

Double Rainbow over the Showgrounds


After Canungra, we stayed at a macadamia farm, in Yandina (just north of the SunshineCoast). Lovely spot, where we were allowed to have last year’s macadamias – up to a tonne!

Macadamia Farm – spot Tank
Macadamias just lying on the ground

We got Tank serviced again here, in Yandina and it was recommended we get some other work done on Tank – which we did.

I confess that I don’t like to see photos of other people’s meals (even though I probably go on too much about my daily coffee!), but I did want to share with you what my typical lunch is like.  Usually just a variation on this.


Looks good, doesn’t it?!

Until next time…


  1. servaasterblanche

    No meat for lunch……..I do not think I will survive it

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