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Broken Hill

Didn’t know much about Broken Hill (in south western NSW) beforehand. Only that it was where BHP (previously, Broken Hill Pty) started, and was named after.


In 1883, Charles Rasp discovered what he thought was a tin deposit. He staked out a claim and formed the Broken Hill Company syndicate with 6 backers. What was actually discovered was silver and lead. BHP went onto diversify and grow. It is now the second biggest mining company in the world – and still considered Australian.

The Lode overlooking Broken Hill

Pro Hart

Most of our time in Broken Hill was taken up by walking to and exploring the Pro Hart gallery. We had a good 15 km walk that day.

Kevin Charles “Pro” Hart was born in Broken Hill. He was also an underground miner for 16 years. In his early years he was known as an inventor and given the nickname “professor”, which got shortened to Pro. He died in 2006.

His work was fascinating to see. Not the least because he used so many different styles and mediums. Oils and acrylics, pen and ink. He was a sculptor too, using welded steel, bronze and ceramics. He painted a Rolls Royce! BTW, he’s has 3 Rolls Royces and a Bentley on display.

Perhaps, most famously, he did a painting on a stain resistant carpet for a TV commercial. This brought him favourably into the public eye but also many critics. He appeared unpretentious. I’ll let you make up your own mind.

The Carpet

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