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A Tale of Two Halves

The sign says it…

Half Way

Mrs Google confirms it. We’re at Kimba, S.A. (15 Jul) and have travelled around 2100 km from the Gold Coast, Qld. Halfway across Australia. We still have around 2200 km to go. Also, we’ve been travelling for 12 days, on our way home. We estimate that it will take another 12 days. We’re not rushing.


Is a cute little town in South Australia. It has a free RV camp ground. But we chose to stay at the paid camp ground, so that we could have power. The evenings and nights are cold. Our electric heater is great! And we’re only paying $27 a night. There are some advantages to being a senior. It was flattering that the guy checking us in wanted to see my seniors card. 😉

Done by Year 6’s and 7’s

Kimba is a very small town and the last fuel stop for 160 km if you’re heading to Port Augusta. If you’re going the other way, to Ceduna, it’s over 300 km and I’m not sure if there are any fuel stations on the way.

The population of Kimba is only 629 (from the 2016 census). Yet it punches above its weight. It has, of course, the Big Gala.

It also has Workshop26, a creative space set up by 5 women. In what was once a tractor sales and garage space, there are now multiple shipping containers, each with its unique offering. One has pottery, and if you’re lucky you can see the potter throwing. One has home made soaps. Another collectables, another wholefoods and eco-friendly products. And so on. Well worth a visit. Very arty/crafty.

Then, just around the corner, there was Eileen’s. You can get seriously good coffee there. Plus baked goodies and more artsy crafty things.

There are four purveyors of coffee in this small town. We didn’t try them all.

Plus, there is the Silo Art and more.

Kimba, definitely punching above its weight.

Uninvited Guest

I’m sorry to say that we picked up an invited guest at Kimba. He/she, let’s just say “they”, as gender is indeterminate, isn’t going anywhere soon. I’m also sorry to say that we are trying to poison it! They only come out at night to have a feed. Pesky mouse, or mice.

Until next time…


  1. Jenni

    Safe travels homey home..
    Have really enjoyed the trip with you both. Thanks for sharing.. Jen

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Jen. A bit of drama to come! We’re in the midst of it. Have been stuck in Ceduna and don’t know if we can head home or have to go to Adelaide!


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