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Limp Mode?

We’ve left Kimba. Stop for coffee at Wudinna Bakery and it’s surprisingly good. 103 km done, 211 km to go today. We’re going really well at between 90-100 kph. We pull over by the wayside for lunch, another 123 km done, 88 km more to Ceduna. Start off again. Wait a minute, Tank, why are you going so slow? Have I put you in the wrong gear? No. Why don’t you go more than 60 kph at best?? And that’s how fast (slow) Tank went until we got to Ceduna. 88 km took us 1 1/2 hours.

I really thought that I had stuffed Tank up. I put some algaecide into the fuel tank of Tank two refuels ago. Saturday, 16th July today.

Ceduna Jetty

I managed to get Tank into a mechanic’s on Monday. Not easy, they’re all busy.

Monday: mechanic changes Fuel filter. No difference. Fixes a broken wire. Tank now only goes at 30 kph!

Tuesday: back at mechanic’s. He doesn’t have time to do any work on Tank (which we totally understand) plus his wife has Covid. However, he tells us if he’s Covid negative then we can bring Tank back tomorrow. He’s Covid negative.

Wednesday: at mechanic’s again. He’s got a Fuel Control Sensor from Adelaide to swap out.

Waiting is the hardest. And not knowing which direction we’re going. Geography and strategically. East or West. To be Fixed or is Fixed and home?

Which Way?

No joy.

Thursday: Tank is all day at mechanic’s. 4.58 pm. We are camping on the mechanic’s doorstep again. Still don’t know if we’re going to Adelaide or Ecula – opposite directions! All day. Wandering and wondering. Waiting and doing nothing is the hardest. Both Jeannie and I are doers. This is a real test for us. Finding peace in all of this is hard. But we’re working on it. Trusting in Him.

Which way do we Go?

Tank isn’t just our Transport. It’s our Home and our Transport. When it’s at the mechanic’s we have no home or transport. We wander and wonder. And drink coffee. We’ve walked 35 km since Monday this week & it’s Thursday today!

A little after 5 pm Thursday, we find out that Tank has to be trucked to Adelaide. It’s not fixed. At least that’s clear.

We Can’t Travel Together Any More – We’re Separating!


Go Back to Adelaide. Do Not Pass Ceduna. Pay $x,000’s in Costs.

Friday: Tank is going by truck to Adelaide. We’re going to get a flight.

Tank waiting for it’s lift to Adelaide

Saturday: We celebrated Jeannie’s birthday on Ceduna. Also did a big walk. We’ve walked over 50 km this week and one more day to go to complete our walking week.

Sunday: Real time now. Still in Ceduna. Tank in Adelaide.

Until next time…


  1. Liisa Grace-Baun

    Oh no! So sorry to hear about Tank, he sounds a little old and weary 😮‍💨
    Love your pic of Ceduna jetty! Dave & I were at Ceduna for sunset just two weeks ago. We had dinner at the hotel and then back to Wudinna where we were staying. I’ve been to Kimba twice in the past month or so yet I don’t think I’ve been there before.
    WOW you both are good walkers! Isn’t it such a blessing that we can walk and ride 🙌🏼 Praying for you both 🙏
    Love Liisa xx

    Liked by 1 person

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