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No Home, No Transport…

No Worries!

I’d like to write “no worries”, but that’s not true. Our faithful Toyota Coaster had just clicked over 200,000 km when it decided it would slow down. First to 60 kph then 30 kph.

After several days at a mechanic’s in Ceduna, we had Tank trucked to Adelaide. There was some panel damage done to Tank by the truck en route.

On Monday, 25th we picked up Tank and drove it to the specialist diesel mechanics. Very slowly. They spent four hours diagnosing the problem and said that they believed it was an electrical fault and recommended an auto electrician to take it to (their auto electrician was on leave). So Wednesday we went and picked tank up and drove it very slowly (you guessed it) to the auto electrician.

I called the auto electrician at the end of the day and they said that they couldn’t find what was wrong and we needed to take it back to the diesel mechanic. Went to pick up Tank on Thursday morning and they gave us a bill for just under $1,200! We were not happy. After protesting somewhat we paid the bill. Took Tank back to the diesel mechanic.

Stuck in Adelaide

So its been two weeks since Tank stopped working properly. Just these last two weeks Tank has cost us $5,000 in bills (just for Tank) and the end is not in sight yet. We’re in Adelaide in our third lot of accommodation this week. And we walk everywhere. 60 km this week with one day to go of our walking week.

How Life Normally Feels

We were here at the of March and it was a lovely time. Now we are forced to be here and it’s not so much fun.

Hoe Life Feels Now

Romans 5

Yesterday’s Bible reading was Romans 5 for me. The title was Peace and Hope. I thought, “good, that’s just what I need”. When I read it, what stood out to me was “we also glory in our sufferings” from verse 3. I’m not suggesting that we are suffering. But it is really hard for us. I don’t know how to glory in suffering. But I do know that the next verses say “because suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.” And those are things that I can say that I truly need.

Until next time…


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  1. Liisa Grace-Baun

    Oh my what a crappy situation. I was praying for you both earlier today but now that I’ve just read this I’ll be praying for this whole situation again tonight πŸ™
    Please read my text messages, I sent Jeannie multiple messages after reading this blog.
    May God shower you both with peace, strength and hope πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™


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